Have a Listen!

Listed below are the songs that we sing regularly.  For some of them, we have attached clips or audio grabs to give a better idea of how we sound...

Can't Buy Me Love - Key G

When She Loved me - Key Ab

This song was written by Randy Newman for the film Toy Story 2. It was sung by Sarah McLachlan and was Oscar-nominated. "When she loved me" does way more than tell the emotional backstory of a little wooden cowgirl doll called Jessie and the small girl owner who outgrew her. It lovingly upholds the bond that exists between carved blocks of wood or bundled-up fur and the tiny children who, for a while, love them as vibrantly as they will ever love anyone. Next comes the fateful day when the child recognizes that their once-beloved doll is just a step along the way to growing up. The toy forever stays the same and loves the same. The child, alas, moves on.

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